Become a Bitten Babe

So here at Snakebite each week we feature one gorgeous girl’s DIY photoset in our Bitten Babes section of the site. The best of the bunch may even go on to get their very own professional feature shoot.

In the past we’ve featured awesome FRONT Alt girls like Chelsea and Edie, and even the stunning Kate Elle.

If you wanna see yourself on our site, drop us an email at

you know when

you have one key for your car which is shared between several people, but then the guy who has the key fucks off somewhere, with the key, but leaves the car behind so that no-one can use it, including themselves?

well, imagine that, but replace the word car with “alternative lads mag” and that’s what’s happened to us.

we are SO sorry to let down everyone that’s followed us, helped us out, or even worked with us so far. we will sort this out, hang the perpetrator by his testicles (well, maybe not), and get innumerable levels of breasts, legs, arse, assorted skin, and lady faces up on here ASAP to make it up to you lovely beautiful people

and maybe some other bitchin’ content too as we’ve kept writing despite not putting anything out here.

rest assured, we aint over yet!

in the words of Bon Jovi, wooooooah you gotta keep the faith.



as you may have guessed

We’re taking a short holiday break

(ie we’re all too drunk/hungover to actually post anything of worth) however we shall be back to regular posting very shortly! 

2012 is going to be a big year for Snakebite and everyone involved with it, it looks like the debut issue is going to be a January release now due to still having a few issues with the design team (ie there aren’t enough of us, designers please continue submitting to us!) 

Thanks for putting up with our dreadful delay thus far! You’re all brilliant. Oh and don’t forget ladies, we’re still on the look out for more beautiful females to feature in our magazine and on the website so keep submitting to us and we’ll get back to you!