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Just to let you know we are still here and would love contributions from you lot…

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If you’re interested send em an email with a few pics to: contact@snakebitemagazine.com

This girl talks sense and will be appearing on our site later today!

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Roll up! Roll up! View the amazing Misogynisto!: It makes me feel violently ill that people photoshop other peoples’...


It makes me feel violently ill that people photoshop other peoples’ (mainly women) bodies to make them unrealistically perfect

This is basically a post saying what about 900 billion other people have said, but I’m having a rant

This whole “reality” that the beauty media are forcing us to take in…

Quite right, the only photoshopping I do for Snakebite is colour correction and watermarking! There will never be any editing of how the girl looks!

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shark-attack-city-deactivated20: Would love to do a shoot for guys again!

Gladly, if you would like to email some shots to contact@snakebitemagazine.com or maybe head to the forum :)